I have been enjoying pleasures of making photographs since my primary school years. That is since the begining of 1980s. I got my first simple camera then. And I tried my abilities. I begin to take it much more seriously in high school. I got more aware of meaning of the photograph that time. I gathered up experience and learnt from my own mistakes. I was listening to more experienced colleagues from photo club and to other encountered people who had anything to say about photography. I collected those bits of information and transformed them into useful and necessary scraps of knowlage. I put everything together into whole and useful for me and field of my photographic interests.

       The most interesting area of photography for me is nature and beautiful unspoiled landscapes. I try to present my point of view on the beauty that surrounds us which we fail to notice sometimes from beyond the walls of civilization we have created. I hope that my photographs presenting those unusual sametime usual phenomenons of nature will get the chance to make people aware of need to conserve unspoiled nature. We must remember that the biggest damages to the environment were done by us. Human interventions into laws of nature usually end up badly.

        I keep in mind need to present photographed scenes as natural as possible and I try not to change the viewed picture therefore I don't use any filters which would make any serious corrections. I don’t use any digital tricks. I wish to show what I can see and feel photographing given scene. I set the parameters and let the light to do the rest. Making a photograph is not only about getting to the location seeing the picture and taking it. It's much more at least for me. I perceive a photograph as something much more significant.

       Making a photograph is a result of getting to the chosen place, seeing the scene, understanding the meaning and living the picture. This is what real photograph is for me. That's something I absorb into my mind and soul, something I love or hate but live it through so the picture is somehow engaved into myself for ever. The picture will be good when all these elements blend together, only then. Even if the picture has no exclusive title but have been lived through it will mean something and will reflect the state of mind of the photographer. That's what making a photograph is for me. OK, plus some technical skills.

       I need tangible experiences to function properly. I need to go to mountains in oreder to feel them, I need get into the forest to hear it and I need to go out to meadows to see the wind. I need a reality of sensation and contact with the world. This is the only way I'm able to find the meaning of living. I need to refresh my senses in a real world in conatct with something that was not made by man in order to survive everyday struggle. I need a world which is independent from our modern society "virual" reality. To achieve that I need light, wind, water. I need to feel rhythm of nature and realize the sense of being a part of it.

       I dream of being able to show all that in my photographs one day. I would like to show what I can see, how, when and why. There is a reality of life in nature that I seek and try to reveal. I find the peak of perfection and the excellence of colour and shape in landscape.